SkyVue Outdoor Televisions

The Best All-Weather Outdoor TV

Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level!

We know our customers enjoy their outdoor spaces and that’s why we partnered with SkyVue Outdoor TV to bring you the ultimate weatherproof television. Each SkyVue TV is manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum. The tv’s are produced through 8 quality controlled production steps to create the most authentic Outdoor TV in the United States. The SkyVue NXG series TV’s are offered in 9 premium grade powder coated designer colors and 7 different sizes to ensure that your Outdoor TV will adapt perfectly with its new environment.


SkyVue televisions turn outdoor kitchens and spaces like yours into Game Day Central. With easy hook-ups for DVD players, gaming systems & WiFi, you can take family game time or movie night outdoors. SkyVue makes any outdoor gathering more enjoyable. Some use theirs as the center of attention and others a provider of ambiance. These televisions make smart additions to any outdoor kitchen.