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Offering the Best in Warming Drawers

John Michael Kitchens is proud to be a partner of the worlds most recognized appliance brands, including these premium warming drawers. We have hand picked each supplier, that we feel meets our very high and demanding expectations, from design, functionality, and most of all, customer service. Our suppliers are an extension of us, and your experience, so choosing the most proven is the only option.

All appliances carry the individual manufacturer?s warranty. John Michael Kitchen?s customer service team is your only call and we will schedule any warranty work you might encounter.

The benefit to a John Michael kitchen is a turnkey experience. You are just a phone call away! Check out our Design Center.


Viking is a historical industry leader in luxury kitchen appliances and is headquartered in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Viking has adopted an ever-increasing focus on product improvements, customer service and quality innovation. As a result of these efforts, the new Viking is better than ever.

In 2013, Viking became part of The Middleby Corporation, the largest commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer in the world. Tapping the resources and technological expertise of Middleby with Viking’s own heritage in the residential market, we have transformed our products and reached new heights in customer satisfaction.

As an integral part of these initiatives, Viking standings behind their products with an industry-leading warranty, and our warranty rates are down. As a public company Viking is held to high standards as they monitor and independently audit quality. Middleby owns the best commercial cooking brands in the industry, and they are in two-thirds of restaurant kitchens around the world. The innovation in these products make restaurant experiences more quick and efficient while providing the best quality food for customers whether it’s eating a favorite breakfast at the world’s largest coffee chain or enjoying a toasted sandwich at the sandwich shop. Customers interact with Middleby technology daily through ordering pizza which will be ready quickly or savoring a perfect steak at a well-known steakhouse. Food around the world in all types of restaurants is being prepared with Middleby equipment. And now the commercial cooking technology and innovation once reserved for only restaurant kitchens is available for your home; only from Viking. To make it even better, Viking is now infused with a new culture from Middleby under which they are continuously striving to ensure that our products, quality and service are the best available.


Over many decades AGA has built a reputation for iconic design, uncompromising quality and award-winning innovation. But what makes them the proudest of all is the way AGA products are cherished as part of family life the world over. To fully understand why AGA products inspire so much affection, it’s good to go back to the beginning and learn the history of AGA.

Most people associate the name AGA with good food and fine living. And although it’s often thought of as quintessentially British, the Aga actually began life in Sweden. The celebrated Cast Iron Range found in 750,000 households worldwide was invented by Dr Gustav Dalen, a blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist. Appalled that his wife and their maid had to constantly tend to their old-fashioned range, Dalen set out to design a modern range that would look after itself. It’s unlikely Dal’n could have predicted that his invention would go on to be widely acclaimed as a design icon, but it has.

In the year 2000, the BBC published a retrospective of the 20th Century highlighting what it considered to be the top three design icons: first was the Coca-Cola contour bottle, second was the VW™ Bug and third was the Aga Cast Iron Range.
Over the last 80 years Aga has built on that iconic design, creating new products for the day’s needs. Additions to the Aga family like dual fuel and electric cooking products, as well as refrigeration, have brought us a long way from Dalen’s first range in 1922, but close to our heritage.
John Michael Kitchens is proud to offer the full line of the historic AGA kitchen products.


For more than six generations, Bertazzoni’s philosophy and approach has been rooted in family. It’s based on the understanding that cooking brings families together and recognizing that quality products help our customers achieve that aim.

For more than 100 years, Bertazzoni cooking appliances have helped people bring the best of home-cooked food to the family table. Today, Bertazzoni has built its reputation on the quality of its engineering and its passion for food. The inspiration is found in the deep culinary and manufacturing traditions of Emilia-Romagna region. Known as the bread basket of Italy. Renowned its agricultural abundance means all the ingredients for the perfect meal can be found here.

Bertazzoni’s inspiration comes nearby world-famous cities like Turin, Bologna and Milan, where global industrial companies make iconic cars and motorbikes as well as agricultural, hydraulic, construction and ceramic machinery. Like Bertazzoni, they bring together that unique Italian flair for engineering and design to create products that not only function perfectly but are beautifully stylish and elegant.


Miele has been an independent family-owned company since its establishment in 1899 and is equally committed to its owners, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and society.
The company focus is on manufacturing household appliances for the kitchen, the laundry room and for floorcare, as well as appliances for use in commercial operations and medical facilities (“Miele Professional”). The strategic vision is to be the world’s most trusted and desirable premium brand.

Miele offers products to its customers that set the standards for durability, performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, design and service. This corresponds to the guiding principle “Immer besser” which the founders Carl Miele (left) and Reinhard Zinkann printed on their first machines – and which characterizes Miele to this day.
The company focuses exclusively on the Miele brand and its consistent positioning in the premium segment. Miele stands for long-term thinking and planning, continuity of values and goals, good relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as an employee-oriented corporate and leadership culture.

Miele believes in clean lines and timeless elegance. Nowhere else will you find such a comparable range of built-in kitchen appliances, with consistency in Design lines and color options, to suit the most diverse of interior designs and kitchen furniture fronts. Great care is taken to coordinate appliance design across the range. Whatever the style of your kitchen: Miele is always a perfect match.

Fulgor Milano

Headquartered in Rosi, Italy, Fulgor Milano is pushing the boundaries with bringing European innovation across the globe.

The Fulgor Milano brand, offers a signature range of products in cooking, washing, refrigeration, ventilation and the storage of food and wine. The product range was born from the international expertise of our designers and committed investment in research. Fulgor Milano was launched thanks to the vision and determination of its project team and moves into the future benefiting from major investments in research and innovation. Fulgor Milano is offered as a creative concept and design in the world of cooking, promoting the Italian spirit of excellence around the world. The use of modern equipment and machinery combined with lean production methods and dedicated human resources promotes a high level of quality and flexibility, providing the opportunity to transform the kitchen into a friendly, comfortable, safe, ergonomic and stylish space. Innovation is the mission of the FULGOR-MILANO brand.

But the innovative assets they pursue are not only related to the product; innovation permeates our design process, production, strategic choices, marketing and communication and the commercial distribution of our appliances. Innovation means stepping outside of the pack and traveling along roads that others consider less important; it means understanding the changes in society and the new methods of interacting with people, recognizing and giving value to the individual as both a producer and a user. Innovation means to impress with choice and offers; even minimal, subtle aspects of change in the use of a household appliance can provide satisfaction to the conscious user. Innovation means to understand and to live within the times; connecting food and its preparation to everyday reality, making food a practice of art, making art food for thought. For Fulgor Milano, innovation means loving your accomplishments in detail, combining the concepts of style with the belief that people are conscious beings and not just mere users of ordinary objects.
John Michael Kitchen’s is proud to offer the full line of Fulgor Milano appliances.


As a company, Hestan is built upon a shared love of food and innovation. After pioneering nonstick cookware in the 1970s, Hestan founder Stanley Cheng’s inventive spirit led him to the commercial kitchen. Then the Hestan team changed the game for outdoor cooking. And now, the home kitchen. Our collective of chefs, engineers, vintners and designers delights in the details of cooking celebrating and elevating every detail of the culinary experience.

You can find the Hestan brand spread across several industries, such as Vineyards, Commercial Cooking, Outdoor Products, and Cookware. John Michael Kitchen’s started the partnership with Hestan very early and have flourished as partners focused on quality and customer service.

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