John Michael Stainless Steel Cabinets

Design is paramount and function is everything. John Michael Kitchens has a select and professional design staff that is dedicated to drawing the most functional and esthetically pleasing kitchens available. Each kitchen is given undivided and focused attention on elements that will make the design a perfect fit for the end user. It?s a team effort in the John Michael Design Lab, where designers share thoughts, ideas, and spaces together to ensure we are developing the most beautiful, innovative, and functional spaces possible.

Perfection is our expectation at John Michael Kitchens. Since we do not have the luxury to visit each and every kitchen we build, we take great strides in ensuring every kitchen is perfectly designed, constructed and delivered to your jobsite. We are with you every step of the way, though the build, installation and warranty of your John Michael Kitchen.

We hope to share our experience with you, as our customers are family. We get to know one another and the experience is personal. We take great pride in being family owned and operated, and standing behind our product, design and warranty. Thanks for visiting, we appreciate your time.

Our kitchens are crafted starting with a flat sheet of heavy-gauge stainless steel. The blank sheets are laser cut into flat parts by one of our 4 Mitsubishi lasers, and moved onto be formed into 3 dimensional parts. The John Michael Kitchens fabrication facility has a multitude of different press brakes used to bend each part that goes into your kitchen. Once the parts are bent, they are sent to welding to be fused and made whole. Once the part is now whole, it is sent to grind and polish for a cohesive and machined effect. Each and every part in a John Michael Kitchens travels this path along with a series of quality control inspections along the way. Once all of the parts are fabricated and quality inspected, then each cabinet is carefully and meticulously assembled.

Check out our Design Center for more information. Also, feel free to reach out directly via our website or call 877-799-3199.

John Michael Kitchens